Our Local Knowledge Gets You To The Best Spots

Halibut and Chinook at Swiftsure Bank

Starting in the late spring and throughout the summer months, the Swiftsure Bank is the place to be. The Bank itself is a protected breeding ground for halibut and other bottom-feeding fish, but we are able to fish the perimeter where there is plenty of big, hard-hitting, hard-fighting halibut fishing to be had.

The Swiftsure Bank is located about 15 miles off shore where the outflow of the Juan de Fuca straight meets the Pacific ocean, creating nutrient-rich waters that attract bait fish, and thus bigger fish and wildlife as well.

J.R. knows how and where to find the big fish, We typically spend half the day halibut fishing at Swiftsure bank, then finish off with Chinook and Coho fishing.