Halibut fishing is at its peak in the late spring and summer months. We head to the Swiftsure Bank where these giants breed and feed.

  Halibut Fishing

Chinook Salmon

Chinook Salmon

Chinook salmon fishing is at its best in the summer as these "Kings" feast in the local estuaries before heading upriver to spawn.

  Chinook Salmon Fishing

Coho Salmon


Coho are available year-round, with great coho salmon fishing in the summer near Port Renfrew, and near Victoria in the fall & winter.

  Coho Salmon Fishing



Lingcod are prized for their fierce fighting and delicious taste.  They get big in Port Renfrew's waters, and we know exactly where to look.

  Lingcod Fishing

Pacific Rockfish

Red Snapper

Not to be overlooked, these fiery fish taste great and pack a punch when you've got one on the line.

  Pacific Rockfish Fishing