Caring For Your Catch

We take care of the cleaning your fish at the end of the day. Our vacuum packaging & fast-freezing service makes storage and shipping of your catch much simpler.  It's easier to ship frozen, vacuum-packed halibut filets than the entire halibut, and it's much easier to store when you get home too. Fish can be kept on ice for 4 days (or even longer) without losing any of that "fresh-caught" flavor.

For transporting your fish, you'll need to bring an insulated cooler, or purchase one in Port Renfrew.  Most airlines allow these containers, but be sure to check.  If you are staying in a hotel before heading home, be sure to arrange cold storage for your catch overnight to keep everything fresh and cool. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about getting your fish home.

Services We Offer:

  • Cutting & Cleaning
  • Vacuum Packaging & Fast-Freezing

For canning or smoking, we recommend St. Jean's Cannery who have locations here on the island, as well as near Vancouver International Airport on the mainland.


Service Price
Cutting & Cleaning Included with your charter.
Vacuum Packaging & Fast-Freezing $1.50 per pound of fish