Lingcod Fishing

The Lingcod fishery on the West Coast is absolutely amazing, with big 20 to 30LB lings common, and we've pulled in lingcod over twice that size.

Lingcod like rocky bottoms, and they'll defend their habitat aggressively against whatever comes their way, whether bait fish, or even salmon or octopus.  Lingcod lie in hiding, then pounce suddenly on their prey, just like a wildcat.  When a lingcod hits, you'll feel a sharp hit and then get ready for a fight.  These big, aggressive fish will keep you on your toes, and the reward is a big, delicious fish that will keep your stomach full of delicious, light, sweet flavours for several days.

Because lingcod are so territorial, an experienced guide can quite accurately predict where they'll be. Over the years we've put together a chartplotter full of lingcod lairs, and our experienced guides know where the best spots are going to be to catch lingcod.

Taste:​ ​​
Season: Late Spring to Early Fall
Peak Season: April - September
Size: 20-60lbs, can grow up to 100lbs.

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